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The Brief History of Darts Queensland Association Incorporated

Darts were introduced into Queensland as a sport after the 1939-1945 war. During the war many
English Service personal were stationed in Queensland and many of them like the area where they
were stationed so they decided after returning home to migrate to Australia.

Many of the English Service personnel then joined their local R.S.L clubs and because of the night
time community programs developed in Europe and the British Isles which they supported over
many years, they then introduced these activities into Australia. These clubs then met regularly on a
social basis introducing all these activities. As a final result in 1952-53 dartboards started to appear
in the clubs and hotels.

In the Brisbane area in 1954-55 an Englishman by the name of Bert Collins and together with Lionel
McLean who was in the Merchant Navy and the manager of the Merchant Navy club started playing
local dart fixtures.

In Maryborough in 1955-56 we had another Englishman by the name of Bill Johnson who was in the
Merchant Navy during the war and visited Bundaberg. Bill migrated to Bundaberg married and met
with Wally Rabnott who had been transferred from Brisbane to Bundaberg for work commitments.
Before being transferred Wally had been playing with Bert Collins in the local Brisbane competitions,
so they soon become united to organizing playing local fixtures in Bundaberg.

In 1957-58 these centres in the Southern Half of Queensland formed Associations with Management
committees. InterCity competition was then commenced and this competition included both men
and ladies.

In Southport in 1958-59 Stan Rossiter and his wife Joyce started their Association namely the Gold
Coast Darts Association. Stan was manager of the Southport R.S.L Memorial club and conducted
Social Activities with the Australian Legion Club at Fortitude Valley and was soon shown by this club
how to conduct fixtures and tournaments.

In 1959 the first Queensland championships were conducted in Bundaberg and discussions were
held with the view to forming the Queensland Darts Association.

In Cairns in 1960-61 we had two more English migrants by the names of George and Doris Cordiner
who started to organize games in North Queensland and continued to do so for the next twenty

On 8 th July 1960 the inaugural meeting of the Queensland Darts Association was conducted at the
R.S.L club Maryborough, Wally Rabnott from Brisbane was elected President. Lionel McLean from
Brisbane was elected Secretary whilst Ray Balkin of Maryborough was elected Treasurer. The only
living member of the inaugural meeting is our present secretary Dennis Binnington and Ray Balkin.

In 1960 our Associations were Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sandgate, Maryborough and Bundaberg with
seven hundred (700) members. We have now progressed today to forty-eight associations with nine
thousand three hundred (9,300) members.

In 1972 the Queensland Management Committee decided to divide Queensland up into ten (10)
zones by using shire boundaries which we have found very successful.

On 29 th September 1962 our first interstate tournament was played with Queensland playing New
South Wales at the Australian Legion Club in Fortitude valley but this event was only for men. In the
early years all other states except Queensland did not recognize our lady players.

In 1963 the Australasian darts council was formed with six (6) Australian states and territories and
New Zealand. The Australasian Championships were then commenced for men only.

During the next six (6) years Queensland sent ladies representative teams interstate to play socially
with the view to get the men to recognize the ladies. In 1969 Dennis Binnington attended the
Australian Meeting in Altona. At this meeting New Zealand stated that they would withdraw from
the Australasian championships if the ladies were not recognized. In 1970 Queensland hosted our
first Australasian championships in Maryborough and finally we played our first Australasian ladies
champions. In 1969 Dennis Binnington became secretary and has held this as to position ever since.

The world federation was formed in 1978 with a membership of twenty (20) countries. Due to this
in 1979 we had to disband the Australasian Championships because of only one identity and become
separate identities and in 1980 we conducted our first Australian Championships.

In 1981 the first Australian Junior championships for boys was conducted in Adelaide. The junior age
limit is over the age of twelve (12) years and under the age of eighteen (18) years on the day
following these championships. In 1982 the championships included girls.

In 1985 Australia conducted our first World Cup Tournament in Australia and it was conducted at the
Mayfair Crest Hotel and the Brisbane City Hall in Brisbane. There were twenty three (23) countries
competing. Queensland conducted and organized this tournament on behalf of Australia.

In 1996 Australia conducted the Pacific Cup and this was conducted at the Mercure Motel, Functions
room, Quay Street Brisbane. There were six (6) countries competing and Queened conducted and
organized this Tournament on behalf of Australia.

Ten (10) of our affiliated associations have purchased their own sporting complexes and
headquarters. The majority have turned their sporting complexes into multipurpose sports centres
so that they are fully utilized and benefit to the community.

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